Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Explore: Coba, Mexico

One of the things I really like about being here in the Mayan Riviera is that there are so many attractions and beautiful places I can visit by just hopping on a local bus or van and without spending a fortune. Today I'm going to tell you guys about a beautiful place I visited recently: Coba.

Coba is a ruin city located in the state of Quintana Roo about 40 minutes from Tulum and just about an hour from where I'm staying. Archeological evidence indicates that Coba was settled between 100 B.C. and 100 A.D. and at it's peak of civilization it was estimated it had about 50,000 inhabitants. There, you can see the Nohoch Mul pyramid, the tallest pyramid in Mayan Mexico, and if you're brave enough you can climb to the top and get a spectacular view of the jungle. You can also see a ballgame court, other pyramids and the astronomy tower.

I went to Coba with two of my friends a weekday morning so there wasn't a lot of people when we got there. Also, I think it's important to mention we went during the low season, otherwise, it would've been packed. Once we got there we paid the entrance fee which was 57 pesos (about 5 dollars) and entered the archeological park. Once inside, we decided to rent some bikes because: 1) we thought it's be more fun that way and 2) we'd get to the pyramids faster since they're not that close to the entrance. The bike rental fee is 35 pesos (about 3 dollars) for the entire time you stay at the site, which I thought was pretty good. After that we just biked all over the place, stopping at the ruins to take pictures, read up on some info and climb the Nohoch Mul pyramid. I loved Coba because you're in the jungle and everything was so green and exploring the ancient ruins was awesome. Overall, I would say it was a great experience and I definitely recommend visiting Coba!

Now, on to the most important part, the pictures!

In the jungle on the path to the ruins!

Biking  through the jungle.

Ballgame court.
 Me in front of the astronomy tower.

The astronomy tower again.

Nohoch Mul pyramid.

 View from the top of the pyramid.

Looking down from the pyramid.

 Another pyramid (not sure what it's called).

In the jungle, the mighty jungle....

 Cool fungi!


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