Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Strawberry Garnished Chocolate Cake

Today I baked a cake for my uncle's birthday and I wanted to share it with you guys but first I wanted to share a little story of how I decided what cake I would make for my uncle.

A few months ago, I introduced my mom to Pinterest and she's been pinning like mad ever since. I swear, she has more pins and boards than I do. So a couple of weeks ago she pinned this cake, which is just a bundt cake with berries in the center and on top.

I don't know why but she really liked it and kept telling me to make it. Finally, I caved in and told her I would make it for my uncle's birthday. She was so excited, it was so cute. It's a chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting, garnished with strawberries and blackberries drizzled with chocolate. I didn't have a bundt cake mold so I used a regular circular mold instead. It was really good!

And this is my version of the cake!

What do you think?

<3, Martha