Monday, May 20, 2013

Book Review: The Edge of Never

Title: The Edge of Never
Author: J.A. Redmerski
Genre: New Adult/Romance

Hello lovely ladies, greetings from Boston! Since knew I was going to be on vacation when I posted this, I decided it would be appropriate to write a review about a book whose characters go on a trip and this book immediately came to mind. I actually read this book earlier in the year and I really liked it so I wanted to share it it you guys. (Also, I couldn't think of any other books about trips... ha!)

Camryn Bennett is a 20-year-old girl who's tired of not knowing what she's doing with her life. One day, she hops on a Greyhound bus, determined discover herself and see where life will take her. It is on this bus she meets Andrew Parrish, a nice, carefree guy (who happens to be ridiculously good looking). They soon become travel buddies. When it's time for them to part, they find it hard to do so and decide to go on a road trip together. While on the road trip, Andrew makes Cam live life like there's no tomorrow and experience things she wouldn't have otherwise. Eventually, they end up falling in love. But there is something Andrew is keeping from Cam that can tear them apart forever...

Whew! Where to start? This book was amazing! I must admit it was a bit slow at first but as soon as Cam hops on that bus and meets Andrew, the pace picks up. It was just so sweet and romantic... and even a bit steamy. You'll definitely like it... I'm not really into these types of books and I really enjoyed it. I loved Andrew's character. He was sexy (according to the book description), musically talented and overall a really nice guy. I definitely wouldn't mind having a friend (or boyfriend ;) ) like him. It was also a very emotional story- I laughed, got mad, might or might not have shed a couple of tears, you know... the whole spectrum of emotions. I highly recommend this book!

Rating: 4/5


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