Wednesday, March 27, 2013

First Giveaway Ever!!!

Hi, everyone! Last week, I was contacted by Mandi from All My Happy Endings. She commented on one of my posts and offered me the opportunity to participate in her next giveaway. I thought about it and decided it would be an amazing opportunity to get my blog out there and to share what I make with more people.

So....I'm so excited to announce that I'm participating in my first group giveaway EVER! I'll be giving away a Caffeine Molecule Mug like the one made a while ago. You can read about it here or see the picture below.
This giveaway runs from today (March 20th) to April 2nd and the prizes include my mug and 10 other items or ad space for your blog! So run over (well, not literally) to All My Happy Endings to enter this awesome GIVEAWAY!!!

<3, Martha 

P.S. Here is the original post from with the giveaway. You can enter from here if you want to, you just have to follow the instructions to get your entries!

:: group giveaway ::

I present to you again, a sweet offering from some amazing bloggers and shop owners. As I mentioned in last week’s giveaway, I’ve discovered my purpose for this blog – to be helpful. Useful in a manner that allows other women to shine.

And you can, too! Visit each of my beautiful, amazing friends featured here in this post and give them just an ounce of your love and support. Visit their blogs and their shops, but don’t just pass by…leave your mark…your words. Lift up their spirit – tell them at least one thing they’re doing right.

Besides, what do you have to lose by giving your heartfelt support to others? “A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle.”-author unknown

::One lucky winner will receive the following...

  // shop

This is not to say I’m flooded with a blog following so heavy that others become successful being featured here. I’m just doing what I can with my mere corner in the blogging community – to give all that I’ve got to give, with the hope that some inkling of my service will bring blessing(s) to someone I’ve encountered along the way.

No matter how much insight or sweat I give, the effects of my giving are not my call to make. Quite honestly, I have nothing to do with someone receiving my love – it’s the choice of the loved. If someone runs with my idea, or is moved, or takes my suggestion and turns it all around — that’s because of their readiness and wisdom, not mine.


When you are being of service to other people, you need to leave a lot of room for mystery. Give, unrestrained and assume nothing.


If you want to participate in the next group giveaway featured on All My Happy Endings, please send me an email:


**to enter you must be a follower of my blog**

additional entries:
follow, visit or like any of the above links below their picture: comment for each
follow any of my links (instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest, bloglovin)
: comment for each 
tweet, status update or post: comment for each 

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  1. Your first giveaway, how exciting. Sorry that I missed it. If you like entering giveaways, I hope that you'll stop by The Zoo for a laugh and win (hopefully).

    I'm a new follower of yours on BlogLovin. Want to make some new friends? Link up to my weekly BlogLovin Hop at Journeys of The Zoo ( Looking forward to connecting further.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo
    Finding Humour in Everyday Life
    journeysofthezoo at hotmail dot com

  2. Hi Sarah!

    Thanks for following!I'm now following you back. Sorry you missed my first giveaway but hopefully there will be many more! Looking forward to linking up on your blog hop. Have a great rest of the week! :)

    xo, Martha