Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Giant Oatmeal Cookie Semi-Fail and A Few Words on Fails

Today I was really craving a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie, like really, really craving one. I decided to indulge since I had a pretty bad day. Apparently, I was also feeling a bit adventurous so I didn't look up a recipe and just waltzed into the kitchen and got all the ingredients oatmeal cookies usually contain: oatmeal, flour, sugar, eggs, vanilla, baking powder, butter and some chocolate chips. I just threw in a little bit of everything in reasonable amounts and mixed them together and threw my concoction into the oven in the hopes of making a good chocolate chip oatmeal cookie that would satisfy my craving. This is what I came up with.

Now, don't let the picture fool you, it might look ugly but it wasn't that bad. It was just a bit dry and it wasn't as sweet as a regular cookie. In my opinion, the chocolate chips compensated for the lack of sugar and the dryness was fixed by accompanying a slice of cookie (yup, a slice, because the cookie is about the size of a dinner plate!) with a glass of milk. Anyway, I'm going to keep working on my recipe and I'll share it with you guys once it's perfect, or as close to perfect as it can get. Which leads me to my next point: failures are not always bad.

I think failures are learning experiences... most of the time. In my opinion as a DIYer, there is a LOT of trial and error involved when coming up with a project. Sometimes more error than trial but you learn from your mistakes and go on from there. I would say that in most of the DIYs I do where I'm not exactly following a pattern or a specific set of instructions, there are mistakes that occur that I have to fix. And even though I may get frustrated because I have to redo the project or rip a bunch of seams if I'm sewing something, in the end I look back and take it as a learning experience because I know that the next time I make that specific project I won't repeat my mistakes and maybe I'll even laugh about that EPIC FAIL!


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