Monday, January 28, 2013

Knitted Headband with Bow and Fingerless Gloves

Hi everyone! This is my first DIY post ever and I’m pretty excited to show you what I made. I actually made these two things in December/ early January for the holidays and I’m posting them because I really liked how they turned out. I realize I should have probably made two separate posts, one for each item, but since they’re kind of related (a. they’re both knitted. b. they both use the same blue sparkly yarn), I decided to post them together.

So the first item is this knitted headband/ ear warmer with a bow. I based my headband off of this tutorial here. The only modifications I made were that I used needles a size smaller (or you could also cast on fewer stitches) because the first one I made stretched out a lot and didn’t like how it ended up. Also, I didn’t like how the bow looked with just yarn wrapped around the big rectangle so I just made a smaller rectangle (casting on 5 stitches) and wrapped it around the bigger one. 

For my headband I used a navy blue acrylic yarn with sparkles from Michael’s. Perfect for the cold weather!

My second project was a pair of fingerless gloves. This was my first time knitting fingerless gloves, or any type of gloves for that matter, so I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. The pattern is pretty simple. I got it from the Lion Brand Yarn (LBY) website and you can find it here. To see it you need to be registered on their website which is completely free and totally worth it because they have some great patterns. I used the same navy blue acrylic yarn I used for the headband and some grey acrylic yarn (I think it’s Vanna’s Choice yarn from LBY).

And voila, here are my fingerless gloves. Well, it’s actually only one since I had to take the picture with my other hand, but you get how they look like.

Thanks for reading!

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